Employers are worried! Most of the employees are today spending most of his time at the office on social media only, and that is what bothers the employers the most. Hence android spy app ONESPY brings you the guide to select the best employee monitoring tool in the market.

With so many employee monitoring tools coming in the market lately. Most people have started contemplating about the idea of investing their money into the software and applications which can help them maximize the output when the employees at home. Well, even if there are so many android spy app or phone monitoring applications available in the market, it may get complex for you to choose the best option.

Most companies around the world require the below-listed features in an android spy app:

  • Phone Call logging
  • SMS logging
  • Email monitoring
  • Instant messenger chats logging
  • GPS Location tracking
  • Picture gallery logging
  • Internet Web history logging

In your case, you may require additional features depending on the kind of workforce that’s employed in the company. Always make sure that you never make a compromise on the features.

And because the Android operating system is the most popular platform available throughout everywhere, it is advisable that you opt for an android spy app always.

You need an application which is compatible with web-enabled devices in most of the scenarios.

  • The first step in the process to use ONESPY hidden spy app for android is to check the features required. Go to ONESPY hidden call recorder for android website and click on the features tab. Now check the number of features available on it and ensure if the features which you need are available on the website.

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