25+ Features of this Android Spy Software Can Spy on any Android Phone Activity

Android Spy Software word may sound like an unfamiliar term to many. Some of you may also not be aware of the fact that something like this exists in the market. But the fact is absolutely in uncorrelation with your thoughts. And there exist numerous Android Spy applications with the help of which you can track more than 30 features of an Android phone. Irrespective of the brand, you can track almost everything that’s taking place on an Android mobile device. Before any further ado, let’s dive in and check how these 30 features help you track all the data transmitted through an Android device.

Call Monitoring- Android Spy Software is a great tool to monitor all incoming, outgoing, and missed, calls on an Android phone. View the new and old phonebook history and call data remotely. See the contact name and number of each contact with an exact timestamp for each tracked phone call.

Track Location: Are your child attending school? Do your employees visit clients and customers regularly? Till now we didn’t have the answer to these questions. But with Spy software for Androidyou can locate your field staff and discover the precise location of your loved ones. Spy Hike Messenger Chats: Hike messenger is a popular instant messaging service in India. An Android Tracker App can spy on all the text messages which are shared over Hike Messenger along with the contact details for every chat.Kik messenger tracker: Read all the messages shared over Kik messenger. Kik is especially used by kids to connect with strangers. You can read all the messages shared over Kik messenger instantly with the Android spy app. Hidden Voice Recorder: Android Spy Software is also great for you if you want to record ambient sounds. With the help of a Hidden Voice Recorder, you can read all the sounds near the device. View Gmail Emails: Gmail is a popular email service by Google. With the help of Android Spy Software, you can read emails that are shared over Gmail instantly

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