Easy Ways to Get a Great Job Sooner

You’ve seen so much advice on getting a job that you’re overwhelmed. What’s going to get you into the job you want, fast? The following are the ways to get a job you’ll love as efficiently as possible. Embrace LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the most valuable social platform for most job seekers. You can showcase your great profile with your skills, any online course with certificates that bring recruiters directly to you, and provides an excellent opportunity to display recommendations.

On the other hand, sharpening the saw also means enhancing your job skills, like doing online course certification on Python or more. Prepare well for interviews before you get one. Packing at the last minute isn’t the best way to prepare for successful interviews. Don’t wait until a recruiter calls you, because that phone call is a crucial interview and another call like it could happen any time. Are you ready to impress the recruiter?

Have a “current occupation,” even if you’re unemployed. Even if you don’t currently have a job, you still have a profession, and there are ways to reflect this in your online profiles. Meanwhile, keeping busy with consulting/freelancing, pro bono work, or online certified programs to cover the gap shows the strong work ethic and professional enthusiasm employers want to see.A smart job search along these lines isn’t just about getting a job faster. It’s about getting a good job that gives you satisfaction. The best opportunities tend to get snapped up by people who’ve made extra effort like online courses with certification, internships or so. A so-so job–maybe it’s low paying or the manager is someone people don’t want to work for–is more likely to get thrown out to the job boards.

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