Staying Focused While Learning From Online Internship Program

Have you ever sat down to complete your work online only to find that you have somehow wandered over to YouTube and started watching reviews of the latest movies? Yeah, me too.
Let’s face it, the Internet can be a very distracting place. Whether you’re doing an online internship or simply trying to complete your college work outside the classroom. Therefore, all the hard work can fly out the window as soon as a viral video pops up on your social media feed.
Although there is no doubt that the Internet is an invaluable resource possessing more knowledge and information than any other thing to ever exist, it can be a major distraction and barrier in your work-from-home internship
According to the report, nearly 50% of college students surveyed reported that the use of technology for non-class purposes was distracting to them.  
So, you may be asking yourself, what are some ways to avoid distractions when doing an unpaid or paid internship? Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to do. It just takes some determination, self-restraint, and planning.
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