Get online course certificates to start your career

Unschool brings online courses with a 100% internship program. The motive is to go the extra mile for their careers. We help students to earn knowledge and give them internship opportunities to get a brief understanding of the domain.

These certifications cover app development courses, advanced artificial intelligence courses, full-stack development courses, and much more. You can get in-depth knowledge and upskill yourself to crack a job. 

If you want to advance your IT career, consider earning the relevant certifications from Unschool below. 

1. Android App Development using Java

You will learn a mobile app development course for beginners to understand programming knowledge. After Java, we will take you through the basics of Android, followed up by animations, video playing, and android game designing. You will also learn how to integrate SQLite database and Shared Preferences, using external API to make weather data post calls and implementing FCM Notifications using Firebase.

2. Full Stack Development

The Full-Stack Developer course is designed to meet the changing role of developers in this world of ever-developing technologies. Get the chance to learn the entire process of development from industry experts! The course is designed with care for those with little to no experience in web technologies but who are eager to start a career. The course will enable you to design websites and web applications effortlessly.

Unschool is an e-learning platform designed to bring out the best in you. In a world where learning only comes from our formative years in school and college. It is the new, easy, and definitive path for keeping up with the 21st century. It is the platform where you can finally stop trying to fit in a system crafted for the masses and learn in a unique way that brings out the best version of you.    Visit our website now!!.

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